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Having a free and empty mind occasionally (if not most of the time) is vital to maintaining one’s mental health as a carer. For most parents, the madness resigns once the child grows out of the “toddler stage” …. but for us carers…. the toddler stage never ends. And it can drive you seriously Batty.. it’s not fun, and its not fair… but the way our society is structured right now…. thats just how it is. So taking time for Mind Care is really really important if we want to be healthy and happy in the long run.

I actually forget what this blog was about because it was a while ago i created it. But I’m in that period of doing a de-cram of the past months/years and separating out whats important (or trying to)…. and getting my ideas out which were for whatever reason thwarted before (probably because of technological issues, no internet etc)

Anyway, i hope you enjoybrhis blog. Hope the sound is ok. It recollects for me a time when i was taking and able to take some time for me to stay healthy and gaze at the ocean… which my mind really needs…. a regular defrag at least once weekly… exercise, so quiet and space around me….

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