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Revivement Village Living

The basis of Vital Light Village is to actually give people the opportunity to contribute to and be a part of a collective community that holds family values and sharing experiences at its heart.... A Revivement Village is based on the model of a retirement village where you have a central community centre/hub and a “village-style” housing cluster/clusters. Land is rented but you own (or may) rent your house. The land is held by a Co-operative and managed by the Co-operative. A CEO may be employed but the central decision-making and ownership lies with the co-operative. There is no “external” ownership syphoning off money to shareholders. Co-operative management and duties are shared by parents through a management committee that looks after interests and aspirations of all the village and also residents' interests after their primary caregiver/s die.

Community Structure


Resident Families and Local Community work co-contribute (partially in-kind) with financial/“foreign investment” which provides capital for building infrastructure and training – which in turn provides employment and career development for Locals. The bedrock also holds lease agreement or relevant co-operative usage rights for land documentation.


Is where people come and exchange work for accommodation: In the western sense – it is our Volunteer Community, but also includes/encompasses  COLLECTIVE CONTRIBUTIVE EFFORT… That is, the concept that everyone contributes 3 to 4 hours a day of what it is they are most good at, or what is collectively decided to be available as “the chore pie”, which builds the fabric and integrity of the place we live, and enhances the infrastructure of the village. Ground Zero volunteers can be involved in helping care for kids and the building of community infrastructure and/or homestays - (and as part of internships for learning natural building techniques).

Ground Zero helps us move beyond the need for monetisation of labour and competition for resources because, expense needs/resources/materials are funded through the financial capital investment of families and enables participation and inclusion of people who might not have the financial means to “stay”otherwise - including special needs people themselves whose expected input maybe a little lower than for the locals/other ‘guests’/members. GZ’s have individual exchange agreements in place for what is a determined fair contribution and depending on their capacity to contribute.


The SP level of entry to the village enables mid 30's-40's yr old people (usually but not exclusively) with skills to pay their “membership” or “financial contribution” to the CVC (COMMUNITY VILLAGE COOPERATIVE) through actively working a position that is in demand/deemed as needed by the Community-Village-Co-operative (CVC) COUNCIL – usually being Coordination of a project or business area for the village that requires skill and concerted effort, and could be considered a full-time job.

At a Local Level, Skilled Craftsmen/women may contribute their skills towards large infrastructure projects or village business projects that “earns” them a shareholding in the CVC (these positions may also be outsourced by the CVC.) Link to Artist Resident Artist/Social Fellowship page.


Cottage Industry-Based Workshops enable People With Disabilities (PWD) in the Community  to access social activity and meaningful involvement in community life, as well as a way to contribute to the village economy. For Bedrock (CVC) members, workshop attendance is free or an included benefit of being a CVC member. Workshops are available for fee-paying visitors/residents or as a pay-off/bonus for Ground Zero (GZ) contributors. The workshop platform gives residents/ CVC members opportunities for their own small-business creation and innovation – and the product of the workshops is usually a community-owned or shared asset.

Workshops are proposed, approved and co-ordinated through the CVC and may encompass areas of holistic health and therapies (including diet and permaculture techniques), specialist modalities of speech/behaviour/communication etc, small business management (for locals), art/craftsmanship and natural building/construction and of course bamboo workshops.  


Are run/coordinated by members of the artist village (GZ's & SP's) and resident families (maybe I'll be able to move in there when Freyr is sorted with her mates and her everyday care is in place!) I imagine the sharing of time and teaching Loving Earth through traditional crafts/skills, disengaging the fight/flight hormones and engaging the creative side of our brain, weaving, crafts, gardening, cooking together, eating (of course) and natural-building activities…  all things that can enhance every-day existence.... Plus Yoga, Healing modalities, Fitness and Phisiotherapy/Play-Therapy programs.

From past experience, I know how exhausted most people are when they come away on holiday and the high-end retreats offers economic/financial means for international families to join our village – who can feel free to just rest and relax and be part of whatever activities they choose (not having to do any in-kind/physical contribution) but being able to engage in future planning and respite activities.  (See example of Respite program page …). Guests might just like to sit back and read a book, “escape” to one of our Homestay locations (eg. Adi’s place or Hidden Dragon), lay in a hammock on a deserted beach, or participate in community activities with our kids and other parents/carers.

High-End Retreat participants get to experience the flow of a village environment: Organic home-grown food and meals, Lovingly created handmade homes/cottages that are unique and totally natural and nurturing...  Kids can come and join our school/workshop activities... and see if it is something that may suit their needs in the future (and look into co-investment).

“Guest” therapists may also be part of these retreats and families may pay for their services as part of retreat packages. The fee-paying retreat families help to offset the cost for local families and when the NFP organisation is fully established the therapists will offer services at no charge to the local organisation/Yayasan as part of their in-kind contribution and to meet local visa requirements. Retreats contribute to the financial / establishment costs of the Revivement Village as well as boosting the local economy and providing training and development for local families.


The basis for the village-community is to facilitate the process of co-contribution – and to see how we can change our individual and collective mentality from being “ownership/self-based” to “custodian/community-based”.

Infographic of company and yaysan relationships/interactions


Building homes and/or home-stays - internships for learning natural building techniques (course/workshop or volunteers who come and stay helping in the village) see:

I imagine a kind of building cooperative being formed where say 5-10 families contribute a base amount of money to secure lease on land and relevant permissions, legal setup, training for local people as carers and sustainable technology infrastructure cost for an area to develop into a village-community. Then I imagine there being a yearly fee for the cost of building housing so that in the first year – if one house is built, each family is allocated or chooses a “time-share” option and everyone gets to spend a portion of the year there in a “family holiday” environment. Depending on the scale and speed of building, how many local people are employed in building housing and the availability of local carers (or bring a friend with you) then maybe 2,3 or more families can have a holiday together the first year... and then perhaps 4-6 families the following year.

Illustration of the company and charity interactions/relationships... where there is an interplay and symbiotic relationships forming between local families and the global artist community, international families with special needs children, and volunteers/young people looking for experience in being a part of and hands-on experience in living and participating in a sustainable co-operative village economy.

There are 3 sectors to the co-operative operation: local home industry businesses that assist in running workshops and building infrastructure; A local Yayasan or school/charity which receives donations to operate a school for local kids which our kids may also join; and, A PT company which will account for and be responsible for timeshare family operations and finance.

Further, as an 'outside entity'/group of families wishing to co-invest in a family homestay project there are legal considerations that must be considered in terms of allowable activities and corresponding appropriate visas. A company structure ensures all activities we conduct are permissible in Indonesia.

The beginning or starting of forming a PT business will be to Crowdfund the building of our first 'demonstration' bamboo eco/earthship-style home in Seminyak, Bali. This is a home industry project of Bamboo Creative and will involve input and participation of volunteers and people interested in participating in paid workshops where they can learn about building and working with bamboo and sustainable and innovative practices for home/tiny-house-building.

Children from our neighbouring orphanage are also able to come and learn bamboo craft and building from skilled craftsmen and gain skills and experience and also practice English skills with workshop participants.

In exchange for financial contributions from outside Indonesia, rewards will be available in the form of week-long holiday time blocks in the bamboo house when it is finished (estimated December 2017 - accommodation homestays start early 2018).

Committing contributors may earn time in the "timeshare" house pilot with differing package tiers (accommodation only up to fully catered and serviced including healthful meals and drinks, massage and spa in-house treatments, assistant care for children or one on one care for self or a family member with a disability, local tours and itinerary preparation, driver service etc).

Internships and Social Fellowship opportunities exist in helping to contribute to design aspects - in particular at present we are looking for a designer for the domestic human waste methane digester. We are open to applications and you can find more information HERE about contributing/becoming a resident/ guest artist/ skilled professional. We welcome your ideas and suggestions also - and are interested in finding an Original Peoples who would be interested to attend and engage in cultural exchange activities associated with Dance and Culture with local Balinese kids from our neighbouring orphanage.

One third of the timeshare accommodation time will be dedicated to social and environmental project facilitation as well as making the accommodation available for local families with special needs children needing respite or who are visiting Denpasar for medical treatment/therapies and volunteers assisting at the orphanage.