Family Holiday Respite Village Vision Planning Gatherings

What if there was somewhere I could go with my daughter (who has Intellectual Disability/Autism): Where she can be involved in engaging activities that are part of life in a village-type environment; Where she receives “natural” community support, and the care-burden on myself is reduced; Where I can feel supported – by being with other parents/carers of special needs families; Where my daughter has friends and where other families with special needs children stay also or visit; Where affordable engagement therapies, training and support for people with special needs are offered, and funding actually goes towards building a community for our kids and a secure structure s that when we die, we know they are safe and will be looked after.

Revivement Village and Post School Special Program – Bali Family Revivement Village Planning Gatherings

I am currently planning to facilitate a get-together/retreat for families along the lines of a “respite village” where there will be care and activities for kids hosted by staff and volunteers, as well as family activities and time for parents/carers to regenerate and then also discuss our Visions together. This will be in workshop format. I am thinking to make this retreat available in Lombok because the costs will be lower all-round and it’s a great location for retreat time/holiday plus I’m building networks for enabling PWD to be involved in local community activities and organic farming, eco-activities and skill workshops (simple way of fostering community involvement) as a way of building relationships with people who may support a future part-time of full-time living village with supported accommodation.

The concept of a Revivement Village is a means by which families may co-fund a cooperative venture for a supported holiday/homestay retreat (located in Bali). A series of informal family retreats will be hosted that will become a platform to evolve an inclusive co-operatively managed village Co-operative (trading non-profit), while helping to work out compatibilities, of/between local and international parents and families with special needs children and adults with disabilities.

Seeing how the local culture in Bali operates and having the privilege of being able to be Part of that, inspires me to create this Vision for the potential I see to share with others and enhance what already exists here. I anticipate that we will be able to provide supported accommodation soon. We welcome families also to come and stay with us or utilise our resources/support to plan their own holiday time and we are currently launching promotions to enable others to join us and feel supported in what we have so far created. We look forward to connecting with other families, groups and individuals towards building relationships and connections to make this village a reality.

Please email me if you’re interested and would like to receive updates and further information at or there is a contact form in the bottom navigation bar you can use to message me. I would like to connect with other families interested in co-creating this and potentially an organisation to come on board in a supporting role … creating this at a grass roots level is the most important thing and that bureaucracy doesn’t “take over” is very important to me.

As parents/carers I believe we can be empowered to find the right CARE for our PWD while freeing up ourselves to be able to participate in community life and contribute in ways that we cannot when we are in a state of perpetual exhaustion. I believe that we deserve to have enriching lives and that we can make meaningful contribution and enrich each other’s lives – just through having the freedom to find our gifts and share them in a community environment.

“Special kids” are the only people in the world who allow us to truly be ourselves and when the right conditions are established, I believe we will all be able to shine much much brighter and step into a way of living in integrity and freedom that few have known – but have had glimpses of. I believe we are being drawn together to create this vision for the betterment of humanity and to enact global peace and sustainability at a local level (and step of the path of catastrophe which the world seems set on).

We are the change-makers and I believe that special kids are here with an amazing purpose to see/help the world make this shift.  As parents of special children, we have mostly already sacrificed “ourselves” and our lives are devoted to finding the best solution of care for our child/children when we are no longer alive/able to care for them. We don’t have the same “pettyness” as has brought down “normal” communities. We have a united common interest in the future lives of our kids that we are committed to. 

Coming from the attitude of – not “what can I get” but “what can I give”… this is the essential next step for human evolution. This is why we are here and our kids are here. So let’s join together in these exciting times of change. Because we CAN do it; and it WILL work and it’s in our nature and common unity, co-munity and humanity to work this way. Let’s remember who we are and come together again. 

Revivement Village Living

The basis of Vital Light Village is to actually give people the opportunity to contribute to and be a part of a collective community that holds family values and sharing experiences at its heart…. A Revivement Village is based on the model of a retirement village where you have a central community centre/hub and a “village-style” housing cluster/clusters. Land is rented but you own (or may) rent your house. The land is held by a Co-operative and managed by the Co-operative. A CEO may be employed but the central decision-making and ownership lies with the co-operative. There is no “external” ownership syphoning off money to shareholders. Co-operative management and duties are shared by parents through a rotational management committee that looks after interests and aspirations of all the village and also residents’ interests after their primary caregiver/s die. 

Natural integration with the local community and forming complimentary relationships is an essential pathway towards real sustainability of the project and ensuring longevity. 

Activities at Local School

Natural Community Inclusion

Enlisting help from in-kind/ volunteer/  work-exchange community

Fun Activities

Life Skills; Natural Learning

carp farm

New Experiences; New Friends; Supportive Collaboration

I imagine living in a community with my daughter and with other families – where I spend time With her doing activities with her for some time most days, but I am not responsible for being her sole primary “Carer”.  I have my own house/space; my own life: I need to live in an environment where I can be supported in my daughter Freyr’s care needs… I see that through a combination of support staff and helpers/volunteers and collaborating with other parents to roster supervision, a community can be created around our kids that is like a natural village – where it’s not ‘WORK” to look after PWD; it’s not a “job”! It’s just life – in which everyone has a Vital role.

Register your interest in joining our Supported Family Retreat in Bali

Whether you’d like to be involved co-contributively behind the scenes or would like to invest by financial payment – we’d like to start planning the exposition for Family Revivement Groups coming to Bali… And  future retreats that will be popping up in Australia. So register your interest here and you will receive correspondence from us shortly to identify needs and options for collaboration.

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