As I begin this communication and form what it is I'd like to share as my Vision to serve others, I am reminded from my morning reading, to let go and allow the unfolding - messy as it may be - to Be. To accept that I am Enough... It's the primary mind space, that whenever I think I have "arrived" or when I think/feel I have something that can be held onto - I can come back to again - over and over so as not to be caught in a false state of ego or slip into being Perfectionistic. I am reminded of what motivated me, as a Carer and just as a human - to make this space in which I can unwind and feel free to create; with others or 'alone'.

I awoke to Being in Presence; feeling like Family and with the help of these wonderful generous humans I am on this journey with so far (the way has been quite messy by-the-way) and to having the time to "be in my own space" (while being with others) and let my brain totally unwind (despite being interrupted) and start foreseeing a vision where I COULD be part of a inclusive holistic space... Where I could share, like Family, with others - these experiences for which there was no "demand" but instead like a flowing inner silence. A flow i felt a part of but that wasn't dependent on me (rather significant when your life is dictated pretty much from the outside according to the needs of someone/the person/people you care for).

So my intention in creating this site, is just to share with others what I'm doing and hopefully inspire and motivate all aspects of my "clan" to be involved in co-creating this space - which may in future flow on out to creating more spaces for more people who enjoy to live life in a co-operative way. Where we can have a natural sense of knowing, a natural flow and compatibility with the ordinances that arise from our collective intuitions... where we can actually arise and arrive in each moment and just feel Free to Be - still with a sense of purpose...  and not without instances of comedy and satire which are quite frequent here also...

I've had a month here: Gently percolating and evolving this idea, while my daughter stayed back in Australia thanks to the blessing of a New-Foundling (that's what I've decided to call people who have come into a sense of how they can best serve the world and learn); who stayed with and looked after her (in a totally unpaid capacity as it turned out after an evident collapse-as-usual of the funding and corporate governance system in Australia which is design to help but actually seems to defect our lives) and who thereby has enabled me to weave conversations, and further develop creative space in my mind to convey these Visions which have been becoming stronger and coming out onto paper the past two or so years - since Yolanda actually - the typhoon in the Philippines... but even before then things had been building.

So I endeavour to relay and aspire in the Spirit of this vision over the coming months, with and for You and our Childrens' future in mind (one day i may have time to have concern for my own also) in full acceptance that I will never be able to categorise everything into neat perfect bundles and remembering that Relationships are the main focus: Aspects and the actual running of the system will be neatly and carefully ordered in co-contributing ways - but this Vision that I'm {not trying} to fathom, is going to spew out here and there across these blog pages - in the intricacy and inspiration of what I accept to call Art - because it IS our Collective creative process - which cannot be fathomed but must be experienced. And I believe, when we can as a collective, move into That space of Being - we can collectively arise in a mode of co-creation that enables our space to be filled with Christ Consciousness... The very purpose our Special Needs children are bringing.

So perhaps you feel called to co-contribute to this process - and feel what I'm saying striking a chord with what is inside You, waiting (perhaps) or already fully-fledgedly emerging into the Reality we wish to Co-create. In which case, I invite to to explore further either with me/us or others (through your own divine guidance regardless of race or religion) What's POSSIBLE...

You may Sign Up through the contact form below to be Informed of what we are doing and ways that are arising where you may contribute to and/or become involved... And Receive more detail  on becoming involved in and the concepts behind the time-share village evolution process. ... Ways you can financially contribute and be invited to stay and become part of this family homestay project process.

Share with us more details on how you may contribute your time/expertise and/or labor and about the concepts of co-contribution economy on which all support for our village is based. And See how you can come and visit us and experience what we are doing presently on-the-ground - which is facilitating local 'home industry' workshops that are the basis of our building operations in our village.

In the Spirit of Peace, Enjoyment and Active Participation,


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