Bamboo Creative Hostel: now in action!

We are welcoming guests to join our Bamboo House-building project – for day-workshops and also to stay with us and see what it’s like to live in a Bamboo House… and learning skills around natural building with bamboo, cob, bottle/eco-bricks and recycled materials. Friends can come and help build this space so that in the future we can share with kids and adults with special needs… Now in the final phase of building completion, friends can come and learn some tricks of the bamboo-building trade, try their hand at smaller crafts, meet locals and see the non-touristy side of Bali.

We offer specific workshops and one-on-one classes (as well as general daily activities) for learning about Bamboo from our master craftsmen and bamboo builders Arief Budibasuki and Supri Yanto. Jeni Key teaches finer crafts and is our general manager on site.

We have so far had guests from Malaysia interested in learning about building with bamboo for an Autistic Community project, a Japanese skateboarder interested to learn about bamboo craft and building, a Philippino designer and engineer who impressed us with his “floating bamboo house” and we are presently looking forward to our Australian mermaid Amy Mellen and Jerome – rattan basket weaving extraordinaire – coming soon…

We are starting to take bookings for families wishing to come and stay and experience support and inclusion within our larger community project here. Our intention is to connect with other families seeking to develop inclusive community spaces and village environments for themselves or/;and/or for the loved ones they care for – and, to support people with special needs (and their families) coming to Bali on holidays, as well as those wishing to spend a little more time here.

We assist in coordinating care and support for those wishing to escape and find solitude/sanctity for a little while also… whether parents with special needs children (Kids can stay in our dorm room with Freyr and our carers) or adults with special needs in need of assistance/support (part/full time). We know of several spots to unwind from Kintamani to Tabanan and Ahmed. Kids with special needs can join Freyr’s school program with the Matahari Terbit Foundation at Freyr’s school… with our carer if support is needed through the day Mon-Wed (9am to 3.30pm) and Thursday (9am to 1.30pm).

Everyone is welcome to join our activities at the bamboo house with building and making crafts from bamboo, recycling and upcycling… usually through the week we start around 10am and finish around 5 with half an hour for lunch. I like to share with others my own vision for living in Revivement Community with my daughter and would like to discuss and create the potential for such a village to exist in Bali/Lombok and also in Australia. I look forward to evolving this idea with others and co-creating events which will enable groups of families to have supported time out and create a wider discussion and platform to make it a tangible reality.

We can help organise carer support, transport, meals and some tours if needed. Bookings for our Homestay can be made through and Air BNB, or you can email/contact us directly.

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