Bamboo Creative Activity Centre – Bali… fun for families with kids of all abilities!

Welcome to my dream to create a living and community space for my daughter which is disability-accessable and inclusive to host activities for local kids of all abilities based on craft, art, therapy and natural building. This next step aims to help host retreats for international families wishing to form or be part of a supportive inclusive community of people and have time-out knowing their child is in a secure environment with other families and carers who have their child’s best interests at-heart, as well as provide benefit to local kids with special needs.

The house is approx 6 x 5m floor area x 3 level and made totally from bamboo and natural and recycled materials (except the window and door frames) and is a prototype for what i want to incorporate in my concept for a village-style cooperative project specifically related to families with special needs kids/ adults and special needs adults groups themselves as a way to join together in community and reduce the social isolation experienced by a lot of parents (especially single parents) struggling to cope with the emotional demands of raising a special needs child. The middle and lower floors will be utilised as activity spaces for developing this concept further.

My daughter (Freyr) attends a wonderful school here in Bali and am liasing with the head Occupational Therapist Jeremy Fauzi around the possibility of creating financial support to help build buildings (music and art centre) and to train and hiring additional staff through developing a retreat and activity program. Other/international families with special needs children and young adults may join this program and their kids may then slot in with the locally run activity program when they come to visit and stay in Bali.

Parents can become part of this emotionally supportive community with local families and kids through the Sunrise School Matahari Terbit Foundation and enjoy some time of respite also – with the potential discussions for developing and becoming involved in longer-term post-school permanent/semi-permanent/ yearly program living options.

I invite you to check out more of whats been going on at my website which is still evolving… at The building is just one aspect which i imagine will interest a range of people. We will be open for bookings in the next couple of months and are currently in the process of completing our zero-waste latrine, shower and vertical garden systems. We are open for workshoppers on that level – info available on the website above.

I still want to put in a water-powered elevator with winch back-up for access for kids in wheelchairs and complete the car tyre jacuzzi in the bottom level with wire mesh and cement finishing/render/ waterproofing; make the vertical gardens for the filtration system; buy copper pipe and make a water heating system for the jacuzzi/hydrotherapy pool from the cobb rocket oven (coil the pipe inside the oven so when the fire is going its also heating the water in the jacuzzi); make the plastic role with the heat gun for the methane digester tube for biogas; install polycarbonate roofing on the side of the house to protect the foundations from water damage and create a slight greenhouse effwct for plants and I’m fairly confident now that things will get completed.

As a single parent of a 17 year old intellectually differently-abled daughter, I am asking for financial support to complete the last stage of this building… You can support this project through our Gofundme, join one of our workshops or sign up for our first retreat in June/July. The retreat will be available to 4 or 5 families at a time for 7-10 day programs during Euro and Qld, Vic, NSW (Australian) holidays in June/July 2019. Activities will tie in with sunrise school and there will also be visiting therapists and leisure activities available. Also parents can choose to “escape” for 1 or 2 nights to special destinations while their kids stay in the program and have carer support while they are away.

Our gofundme campaign:

Feel free to ask me any questions you may have and thanks for your support!!!

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Best Regards,

Natalie Davenport

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